The Great Cheese

The Great Cheese is a very generous and benevolent god. However, he does not tolerate people that do evil deeds and sentences them to eternal damnation in the Fields of Punishment. Every generation, The Great Cheese selects one person to become his messenger, his Cheesiah. This person, who is, at the moment High Briest Francois, becomes the High Briest when the last High Briest dies. When a Cheesiah dies, even if they did not become the High Priest, The Great Cheese welcomes them with open arms. The Great Cheese judges the worth of a soul and depending on their deeds in life, they may either be sent to Etorki Fields if they were virtuous, the Fields of Asiago if they did neither good nor bad, or the Fields of Punishment if they were bad. Souls in the Etorki Fields enjoy a rich happy afterlife while souls in the Fields of Asiago roam aimlessly and bored through the fields. Souls in the Fields of Punishment are eternally tortured with bad cheesy cheese puns. There also exists a separate place for Cheesiahs and particularly virtuous souls called Aragon. Only people with pure, untainted souls such as King Ambert can get into Aragon.


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